About us


We believe that big things start with small things, and global changes start with small steps to change yourself, your environment, and your perception of the world.
We strive to ensure that our eco-friendly reusable packaging becomes one of the motivating factors for everyone to stop using polyethylene.


Our goal is to make more and more people in Ukraine aware of the problem of environmental pollution and together with us strive to reduce the use of plastic products, making a choice between a plastic disposable bag and a reusable eco-bag in favor of the latter.

History and modernity

Our company “Benefit Profit” and TM “NOVA Avoska” was established in 2014.
We are located in Kharkiv, but our packaging can be found in all regions of Ukraine.
Creating a high-quality, original and necessary product in the modern world is a requirement of the time and our inner desire: to be a progressive company.

Every day, our team works on dozens of orders, tracks trends in the world of packaging, finds out what not only women want, but also men when deciding which type of packaging to give preference to, and, of course, carefully studies all the news related to the problem of using plastic.

We are an ECO-friendly company, because in the production of packaging we use only natural materials (cotton — calico, twill, twill, jute, etc.) and non-woven materials that are destroyed over several years (non-woven). At the same time, their packaging is durable, non-toxic, subject to cleaning and washing, has a load capacity of up to 10 kg and, most importantly, is reusable.


Our employees are growing and developing professionally and, of course, our production facilities are growing and becoming more modern.
Today, our equipment allows us to produce up to 40 bags / minute, fulfilling both individual orders and standard types of packaging, which can always be purchased in our online store, starting from 100 pcs.

Bags manufactured by TM “NOVA Avoska” are represented in the supermarket chains Ashan, Silpo, Novus, ROST, METRO, BILLA, Velika Kishenya, Fora, Fozzy, Arsen, Tavria, Class, Chudo Market, Kopeyka, Delicat, Marketopt, etc.

Packaging TM “NOVA Avoska” — a variety of types of reusable bags for different occasions: branded shopping bags for convenient shopping trips, promo bags, youth bags with original prints, reusable bags/bags for products, bags for shoes, backpacks and beach bags, t-shirt bags for shopping, gift packaging of various themes, etc. And this series can be continued indefinitely.