Why are eco-bags better than plastic bags?

Why are eco-bags better than plastic bags?

It is not necessary to radically change the usual way of life to help the environment. It is enough once to put an eco-bag in an eco-bag or a rag bag to reduce the damage from plastic and polyethylene. Every year, the world produces about 5 trillion tons of disposable plastic bags, which decompose for 300-700 years. But the average time to use the package is no more than 20 minutes. Just imagine, about 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die every year due to 20-minute usage.

The nature of the assistance

An ordinary grocery shopping trip, as a rule, does not go without buying fruit or vegetables. We are used to putting them in disposable bags, which we just throw away or store at home. In total, the number of such used plastic bags can reach 500 pieces per year! Just imagine 500 disposable bags against three or four reusable bags!


Who is not familiar with the situation when the tied knot does not untie and the package has to be torn / cut with scissors/knife. The reusable bag is convenient because the ties are simply tightened and just as easy to stretch.

Self-expression and motivation for others

Feel like a conscious citizen of the Earth who cares about the environment. Become a motivation for those who thought about an eco-friendly lifestyle, but did not know where to start. Remember that even one step on the way to eco-friendly thinking is important.

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