Promo bags with a logo

  • The minimum order of promo bags for branding — logo or print — 500 pcs.
  • You can put a print on your promo bag — from 1 to 4 colors.
  • The price of the promo bag depends on the printing area, the number of colors on your logo and the number of copies.

Do you want to make an effective and eco-friendly advertising of your product, an event, your company? The promo bag is one of the most effective tools. The use of eco-bags in everyday life today is not a tribute to fashion, but a real concern for everyone about the near future.

And this is not only real, but also available to everyone! The fashionable concept of eco-friendly is used by those companies that live and work safely for the environment.

Promo bag from “NOVA Avoska” is designed to make the life of everyone who has already started using eco-bags better, brighter, easier and more useful.

For production promo bags we use cotton and eco-friendly non-woven fabric (spunbond) from which we make the widest variety of promo bags:

All of them are not inferior in their properties and technological characteristics to the usual bags made of polyethylene. But, at the same time, such eco-bags have a number of advantages: they are reusable, have a long service life and decompose without harming the environment.

Promo bag with a logo is a great marketing move, an additional opportunity to make your company and your brand recognizable.

And if such a bag is made of eco-friendly materials, then in this case you will also win the title of a company that strives to protect the environment and is eco-friendly.

Cotton promo bags or Spunbond promo bags — are practical, reliable and original versions of souvenir products.

Promo bags made of such materials not only perfectly cope with their advertising function, but also are not inferior to their polyethylene counterparts: they are strong, not affected by external factors at the same time, stylish, original and durable.

Features of a promo bag with a logotype:

  • unique design and appearance;
  • modern solution;
  • brightness and color fastness of both the bag itself and the applied print;
  • wear resistance;
  • the ability to choose exactly the version of the material that will best meet the goals.

Options of promo bag printing are available for bags of any color and type. For example, you can apply the logo not only to a shopping bag, a flat bag, or a bag with bottom (tabs on the sides and bottom of the bag). They will look great too: shoe bags and backpacks.