Our certificates

In November 2019, BENEFIT PROFIT Ltd. (“NOVA Avoska” is our TM) is certified to ISO 22000. This certificate means that our company not only produces high-quality spunbond bags and fabric bags, but also controls all processes from the selection of a supplier, transportation and storage of raw materials, its processing and production of finished products to the placement of bags on the shelves of your nearest store.

December 16, 2020, by the request of the Auchan retail chain, we re-passed the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) audit and confirmed that we value not only the quality of our bags, but also the constant monitoring, evaluation and management of dangerous factors affecting the safety of products and production.

The highest assessment of our production culture was the trust of the leading retailers in Ukraine, for which we produce bags, baggies for vegetables and other eco-friendly packaging under their brands.

Certificate of conformity of TS U 13.9-39360209-001:2020 “Shopping bags and bags. Technical specifications”

Certificate of product conformity to the established criteria of safety for human health

Certificate for food safety management system

Certificate for food safety management system
ISO 22000:2007

Certificate of conformity of medical face masks

Certificate of compliance with DSTU EN 14683:2014 “Surgical masks. Requirements and research methods” (EN 14683:2005, IDT), DSTU EN 136:2003 “Personal respiratory protection equipment. Masks. Requirements, tests, marking”

The NOVA Avoska ™ trademark certificate

The NOVA Avoska ™ trademark certificate.
DB “Marks for Goods and Services Registered in Ukraine”