Printing on bags

We not only produce reusable packaging and eco-bags, we offer services for printing on them.

Branded packaging is an additional opportunity to express yourself, complement your image and make your brand or company recognizable. Printing on the packaging is also an opportunity to make not only the product that is in demand by society, but also the opportunity to present it in an original, bright and stylish way!

We offer our customers two options for printing on packaging:

  • silk screen;
  • thermal printing.

Silk screen (stencil) printing

This type of printing allows you to apply an image to any type of material, including fabric.

Screen printing features:

  • applying paint in liquid form. The paint wraps around each fiber and penetrates into the fabric structure;
  • printing in 1 or more colors;
  • application to fabric (material) of any color;
  • high quality of printing elements and long-term use — printing does not break or erase;
  • bright print;
  • high resistance to moisture.

Disadvantages of printing:

  • it is not possible to transmit transitions and color gradients, as well as to achieve a complete combination of different colors — this should be taken into account when preparing the design;
  • the optimal cost of this type of application is achieved when ordering from 100 pcs.

In this case, the paint is applied in liquid form, enveloping each fiber and penetrating into the fabric structure. When printing in this way, it is possible to print in several colors, but what is important — it is impossible to smooth transitions from color to color and gradients. This should be taken into account when planning the design of packaging branding.

Thermal printing

If the customer wishes, we can apply a full-color image to reusable bags made of cotton, calico, and twill.

Based on the technical features, it is best to use this type of printing on a light material, however, if desired, you can apply the image in this way on a material of any color.

Features of thermal printing:

  • high resolution quality;
  • getting a full-color photo image;
  • the seal is first applied to a special intermediate carrier (thermotransfer), and then to the surface of the fabric when exposed to temperature and pressure;
  • does not discolor or fade.

Disadvantages of printing:

  • lower image stability than when applying silkscreen printing;
  • it is advisable to apply on light fabrics;
  • the possibility of high-quality drawing only square or rectangular drawings in shape;
  • it is not possible to apply this type of printing to the spunbond.